Making an Annuity Purchase

Making an annuity purchase is a big decision. There’s a good chance that your annuity will make up a significant part of your retirement income. And retirement isn’t a “short term” thing. With life expectancies increasing, you could expect your retirement to be 10, 20 or even 30 years! So it’s not a purchase that should be made without consideration.

Compare Annuities

Thanks to the Open Market Option, you now have the right to shop around, compare annuities and ensure you’re getting the most from your pension fund. There are so many different providers and so many different types of annuities, that you really should compare annuity rates on offer to you to in order to maximise your retirement income. You do not have to take the first offer received from your pension provider!

At Retirement Solutions, we can search the entire market for your to find the best quotes!

Annuity Advice from Retirement Solutions

annuity adviceOur experts are on hand to provider annuity advice to you and help you to work out what’s available to you and the differences between the many types of annuities and options on the market. Seeking independent advice ensures you get the facts and information before making this incredibly important purchase.

At Retirement Solutions, we’ve got expertise and experience in this field and can provide independent, unbiased annuity advice. Get in touch today!