Get the best annuity rates from your pension. You do not have to buy your pension from your existing pension provider you can shop around on the open market. Many people without realising can qualify for enhanced annuity rates, you can qualify for these special rates by simply being overweight or a smoker. Find the best annuity rates on the open market by using our annuity calculator.

Best Annuity Rates

You do not have to take the annuity offer from your pension provider. Thanks to the Open Market Option, you now have the right to shop around on the open market to ensure you’re getting the best annuity rates. With so many different providers and different types of annuities, you could find you can substantially increase your annuity income by doing so.

Open Market Option Annuities

Your annuity could make up a significant part of your retirement income. As we live longer and longer, your retirement could last twenty or even thirty years! As such, ensuring you get the best rate annuities using your Open Market Option is critical.

At Retirement Solutions, we can advise you on the best annuities available to you and whether you could even qualify for enhanced annuities.