40 – 60% of retirees could qualify for enhanced annuity rates.

enhanced annuity rates

Enhanced Annuites are available to people who smoke or have lifestyle conditions that affect their life expectancy. Annuity providers have mortality data to understand the life expectancy of a person. If a person’s life expectancy would be shorter due to health conditions then enhanced annuity rates may be available. These enhanced annuities are similar to conventional annuities it is just the amount of enhanced annuity income you may receive that is different.

Enhanced Annuities Eligibility Criteria

There are literally thousands of illnesses or health conditions that could mean you are eligible for enhanced annuities. Examples include

–          High blood pressure

–          A previous heart attack (even if it was many years before you take the annuity out)

–          Cancer

There are thousands more.

Enhanced Annuity Rates and Smokers

If you have been smoking ten cigarettes per day or more for ten years or more you could also qualify for enhanced annuity rates. This is because smoking causes a number of illnesses, some of which are potentially fatal and many of which will reduce your life expectancy significantly.

Enhanced Annuities and BMI

Another condition that will impact your enhanced annuity rates eligibility will be your weight. If you have an unhealthy BMI (Body Mass Index) this could again impact your life expectancy and as such you may qualify for enhanced annuities.

Enhanced Annuities and Your Post Code

Believe it or not, even your post code can affect your eligibility for enhanced annuity rates. Where you live can actually affect your life expectancy, which in turn affects whether you might qualify for enhanced annuities.

Find out if You Qualify

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