annuity advice

Annuity Advice

Annuities are still good value

An annuity provides a guaranteed income for the rest of your life

It’s important to get annuity advice to get the best annuity rates at retirement. Getting the best annuity rate could result in you being many thousands of pounds better off over the course of your retirement.

Looking at your age, lifestyle and even postcode, many providers offer their own best rates, which is why it is worth getting annuity advice and using open market options to ensure you get the absolute best annuity rates for you.

If buying an annuity is right for you, how do you go about getting the best deal?

You can use an annuity advice service such as Retirement Solutions to help you find the highest rate from all the insurance companies in the market place.

This latter option could be best for you. It is the only option that compares rates from different companies to find you the best deal. After all, no single company is best for all scenarios.

Consider buying an annuity to be similar to renewing your car insurance, with the need to shop around. With car insurance you’re looking for the cheapest premium, whereas here you’re looking for the highest retirement income.

Annuity quote

We’ll find you the highest retirement income available by comparing annuity quotes from all of the leading companies in the market. The best quote can make a huge difference to your income, especially if you have any health conditions or lifestyle issues.