A selection of testimonials received from those that used our annuity service.

Jane and her team at Retirement Solutions provide a professional and efficient service. Jane is a highly experienced and knowledgeable operator within the financial services sector and throughout the process provided useful guidance to make sure I made the right choice for my circumstances. Kind regards, Steve Verrill

For Annuity Account Manager Kay Martin: JIM and I would like to thank you very much for your efficient friendly service you have given us whilst purchasing annuity policies, it has been very much appreciated. Regards, Lyn Griffiths

Hi Hayleigh, I confirm receipt of your e-mail and the final quotation for my lifetime annuity. I am very happy with the end result and I thank you and Rob Dexter for obtaining the best possible annuity rates. If the occasion ever rises I would certainly recommend Retirement Solutions. Regards, Tony Morris

Hello Hayleigh, I have received the policy documentation from Canada Life and the details are fine. Thank you to you and Chris for your efficient and pleasant way in which you have dealt with organising the commencement of my annuity. You made it all very easy and straightforward. Kind regards, Megan Casey

Thankyou  for  the  speedy  way  you  have  put  my  lifetime  annuity  into  place. I  have  received all  the  documents  and  are  happy  with  the  contents. My  thanks  once  again. John  Remblence

Dear Hayleigh, I confirm that today I have received all the documentation from Partnership and that my Pension is all set up and payments are due to commence from 17th September. Both yourself and Rob Dexter have been most helpful and have made the whole process seem so simple and straightforward. I would like to thank you and all at Retirement Solutions for a first class service and for keeping me informed at every step of the process of transfer. With Thanks, Arthur Storie

Dear Hayleigh, I can confirm that I have now received all the documentation from Just Retirement and this is entirely satisfactory. I should like to thank you and Rob for the prompt and efficient way you have handled this. I had read in the press about long delays with annuities and feared the worst, so you can imagine my delight when I received the initial payments almost three weeks before the due date! Thanks once again. Yours sincerely, E Paul Smith

Hayleigh—All documents /policy schedule were received today from Just Retirement. They appear comprehensive and in order.  They have not asked for receipt/confirmation–I assume therefore that this is not required. Unless you advise otherwise, I will just file away these documents in a secure location. Many thanks to David and yourself for your prompt and efficient service–needless to say, we are very happy with the outcome of Audrey’s annuity application. Peter and Audrey Buchan.

Hello Hayleigh, I have just received the letter from Fidelity telling me that they have put my tax free lump sum into my bank Hurray. They have also paid the reminder to yourselves for reinvestment. Good news at last. Please that Rosie and anyone else who have helped get this sorted out for me 4 months . Big thank you. Kind regards, Jane

Hayleigh, Documentation received safely through the post. Many thanks to you & David for the service you have provided. It has been commendably quick & efficient.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your services should the opportunity arise. Yours, Chris Parrott

Dear Hayleigh, Just a short note to confirm that I have received the policy documents, the cash commutation sums and the initial pension payments. I am so happy and grateful to you for the way you handled my retirement pension. It was so expertly handled that the stress factor was minimal and the whole process went without a hitch. So, Congratulations on doing an absolutely brilliant job and for making an old man very happy !! Once again, Many Thanks, Kind Regards, Shiraz Alibhai

Hello Hayleigh, I have now received the policy documents and read them, everything seems O.K. Thank you for your help (well, for doing everything really). Steve Wright

Hayleigh, Thank you ever so much. If you guys ever need a reference please do not hesitate to give my contact details to anyone. Your service is First Class! Regards, Graham E Ham

Hayleigh, Many thanks for the update and I look forward to hearing from you about the progress of my application. So far I have been very impressed with the way in which my application has been handled. Both Dave and yourself have been excellent and I much appreciate being updated on a regular basis. Regards. Norman Craig

Hayleigh I have now received the policy documentation, and it all seems to be in order. Thanks to you and Dave for your help and efficiency in progressing this. Kind regards, Alistair

Hello Hayleigh, Thank you for your e-mail. I am delighted to confirm that I received the last of the documents from Partnership and am happy with the details. I don’t know if you and Glen for that matter are aware the kind of leap into the unknown, someone like me faces at the point of retirement? In time it will come to you both and you will indeed know then. I am leaving a well paid job that has kept me and my family secure for more years than I care to remember and now have to contemplate a future that imposes some real financial constraints on us, in terms of what we can afford to do or otherwise. However, I do feel that in some part you have both shared the journey with me and for that I am more than grateful. I can’t imagine that I would have found the likes of your own friendly and re-assuring style on the local face-to-face annuity arrangement that I had originally envisaged. Glen – I thank you for ringing the best out of my situation for me and doing your level best to provide me with the kind of pension that I had planned for these last 18 months or more. Hayleigh – To you goes my express gratitude for keeping me informed every step of the way – the value of that was so reassuring. I salute you both for the help you have given and will have no hesitation in recommending your services for anyone at the same stage in their lives as I am. With kind regards and best wishes for the future to you both – Les Jackson.

hello zoe, thank you for all your help, i must say  service was first class, everybody was very helpful, a very good result for me, thanks to you and your colleagues, paul batten

can I say that I found your service very efficient with constant regular updates and made the confusion of annuity purchasing much easier.  Thank you so much. Regards, Maggie

I have recently purchased three annuities through retirement solutions , the service, attitude, helpfulness and efficiency of the staff I have dealt with have been excellent.  I have been informed and helped every step of the way in dealing with all the transfers they couldn’t have made it any easier. I would recommend Retirement Solutions to anyone, being confident  that they would be thoroughly looked after and that the best deal for them would be attained. Thank you to all the staff. Keith Hibbert

We applied to you from an article in the Daily Mirror, as my husband was getting confused about what he should do with the money in his personal pension and the pension providers were not very helpful at all. A lovely lady telephoned my husband and explained what his options were, in language which a layman could understand. She then emailed all the options to me, which I printed out and we both went through them and discussed which option he should take. We filled in the relevant forms, with a little more help from your lovely operator, and sent them back to you.  He received his lump sum in a timely manner and his pension is now being paid into our account. You made the whole process so easy to understand and couldn’t have been more helpful. We are both so pleased with this excellent service, we would heartily recommend it to anyone. Kind Regards, Lin and Mick Bentley

Not only did you offer the best annuity rate for our requirements, in both cases we found your service from start to finish exceptional, indeed that is why we came back a second time and will do again next year.  Regards, Mike Bloy

Dear Miss O’Beirne, I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and great satisfaction for the work personally done on my behalf by you and Retirement Solutions in the aquisition of an excellent annuity rate for my Open Market Option Funds recently.The actual rate obtained for me has resulted in an increase of around 27% to my income which is hugely significant to me in retirement.  At the outset, I had put my enquiry to 3 brokers to search out the best deal for me but it was only Retirement Solutions who diligently searched the market for me;the other 2 simply came nowhere close to providing for my needs. In-depth knowledge of annuities not only achieved the best results for me
but to also ensure compliance with HMRC guidelines.Regular updates and simplification of documents facilitated  all for me.  I have no hesitation in recommending you and Retirement Solutions  to anyone in the process of searching for the best deal for their Open Market Option funds transfer. Kind Regards, Mr.P.Burke