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Advantages of drawdown

  • You retain full control of your pension fund

  • You can change income payments whenever you need and take ad hoc payments

  • You have the potential for future growth by keeping your money invested

  • Unused funds can be passed to beneficiaries on death (subject to HMRC rules)

  • Flexibility to keep your options open and indefinately put off making any final decision


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Getting Drawdown Advice – How we can help

  • Help you consider the level of income carefully using phased pension drawdown and/or phased flexible drawdown where relevant

  • Help you consider any tax implications

  • Help you move your fund into drawdown

  • Help you select the investments


Phased Drawdown

Phased drawdown can be very tax efficient and provides a flexible way of taking pension benefits.

Just to remind you there are two variants of income drawdown:

  1. Capped income drawdown — which has restricted withdrawals

  2. Flexible drawdown — which provides unrestricted withdrawals

You can use phased drawdown with both capped and flexible drawdown

Phased drawdown can be very tax efficient in terms of how you draw money from your plan and also in terms of the death benefits it provides.

By only crystallising small amounts it leaves more to be paid as ‘return of fund’ in the event of death and therefore less funds subject to the HMRC 55% drawdown pension tax charge.


Drawdown Death Benefits

Death Tax is being abolished

At the moment you can only pass on a pension as a tax free lump sum if you die prior to 75 years of age, provided you have not taken any lump sums or income. If this is not the case, 55% tax is charged if taken as a lump sum. From April 2015 the following rules will apply.

drawdown death benefits april 2015


Client Testimonial – Flexible Drawdown

Alternatives to Drawdown

  • Lifetime Annuity

  • Enhanced Annuity – available to those that qualify on health and/or life style

  • Investment linked annuity

  • Fixed Term Annuity – sometimes called short term drawdown

  • Flexi Access Drawdown – available from April 2015