Please note the rates shown are for new customers only.

The figures above are an illustration of the amounts that you might be able to release through an enhanced lifetime mortgage based on your age and your estimated property value. You may wish to draw down capital only when it is required.

A lifetime mortgage is a type of loan, secured against your home, which allows you to release a cash lump sum (or, with some plans, take smaller amounts as and when you need them) from the value of your property.

An enhanced lifetime mortgage could allow more cash to be released depending on medical and lifestyle factors that are taken into consideration.

The maximum advance assumes you have no secured borrowing against the property. If you have a mortgage or other secured borrowing against the property then this must be re-paid in full using the amount released (if available), by other means or a combination of the two.

This calculator is based on a range of selected providers and provides an indication of the total you could release from the property. It is only an indication and does not constitute an actual quote. Only properties of standard construction, located in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland will be considered.