Independent Financial Advice is very important when considering equity release schemes. The adviser will be able to look at the whole market and talk you through all the equity release schemes that fit your particular circumstances and needs.

Once the adviser has explained all the equity release schemes to you they will then select the best equity release scheme for you. There are many different products from many providers and that is why it is important to get independent advice when considering equity release schemes uk.

Equity Release Schemes Calculator

When considering if equity release schemes are right for you a quick check on an equity release calculator will help you see just how much money you could release from your property.

One of the most popular equity release products to retirees is home reversions. With these schemes you always know how much of your property remains, this is because you sell a portion or all of the property to the provider.

Before deciding on which equity release mortgage is best for you it is a very good idea to use an equity release calculator as this will give you an indication on how much money you could release from each of the different products.

If you are looking for income and you do not want to use your retirement investments then you have a number of choices, the first is to take some form of equity investments like an ISA that can generate income or you could use equity release.