retirement mortgageRetirement Mortgages in the UK come in various guises. There are interest only mortgages such as the Halifax retirement mortgage, or there are the equity release roll up versions. Which ever you are considering it is vital to get proper independent financial advice.

Here at Retirement Solutions we can talk you through all the different options available and the advantages and disadvantages. Of course, we will also tell you if these schemes are not right for you.

Halifax Retirement Mortgage

Halifax retirement mortgagesThe Halifax retirement mortgage is available to those that have retired and no longer receive income from employment. The Halifax retirement mortgages are a popular option amongst those that have good levels of monthly income to pay the interest charges each month.

There are many different interest rate options available and depending on whether you want a fixed rate Halifax retirement mortgage or you need something that is conventional like a variable or tracker rate. Our advisers can help you choose the right option.