Are your investments on course to achieve your financial goals? Do you know how your investments are performing? Are you in the right investment funds? We can help you achieve your investment goals.

Investment Bonds

Investment Bonds aim to give your money the potential to grow in value over the medium to long-term. You can also choose to take an income from your investment bond at any time. There is no set term on a Capital Investment Bond however it should be thought of as a medium to long-term investment, taken out for at least five years.

With Profit Investment Bonds

In a With Profit Investment Bond the money is invested in a with-profits fund. If it performs well, then the provider may add annual bonuses as a percentage of your initial investment. There may be a final bonus as well, further adding to your return. Bonuses aren’t guaranteed but, generally once added, can’t be taken away.

Retirement and Equity Investments

Retirement and Equity Investments all can be bought directly as unit trusts or OEICs (open ended investment companies). But increased annual charges on unit trusts and equity investments mean they are not always cheaper than investment bonds over the long term. But they are much more flexible. You can take your money out of a unit trust or retirement investment at any time without penalty. The other advantage is that no capital gains tax is paid by the fund managers.

Investment Advice

Our core aim is to make your money work hard enough to satisfy your long-term financial goals, whether you’re planning for retirement, investing for your grandchildren or simply growing your wealth. Investment Advice from an Independent Financial Adviser that understands your needs.

Investment Reviews

In the current economic climate it’s more important than ever to understand what changing markets mean for your investments. Our no-obligation Investment Review is designed to help you understand what these changes mean to you and how you could adapt your investment strategy as a result.