Under current legislation how your Care Home Fees are paid for depends on the criteria from the Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide (CRAG). This document sets out what you are expected to pay and what the government and Local Authority are expected to pay when it comes to nursing home fees.

It also deals with the areas of Deprivation of Assets, whereby the Local Authority tries to check on any attempts to deprive ones self of capital assets in order to increase the Local Authority’s level of contribution.

care home feesWithin the framework of current levels you will be expected to pay from nothing to being fully self funded for your care home fees for the total cost of your care. The amount you are deemed to be responsible for will be paid out of your income and capital, depending on your circumstances. In some instances your house will be included (though your property will be disregarded for the first 12 weeks in any event). Most other assets and most sources of income are taken into account.

If you decide to undertake a financial assessment (Means Test) then your Local Authority will ask you questions about the whole of your financial situation and this may contain detailed questions about current and past property ownership.

It is vital that you seek independent care home fees advice to ensure you are aware of all the funding options available.