NHS Continuing Care

If your care is to be provided by NHS funding, then that care is free at the point of delivery. In March 2010 NHS Best Practise Notes* were issued to all Primary Care Trusts to standardise how decisions are reached concerning the responsibility for care costs.

NHS Funding and NHS Continuing CareBroadly speaking, if care is primarily due to your health needs then a package of health and social care may be funded solely by the NHS continuing care.

The initial decision about NHS funding will be made by your local Primary Care Trust, but you have the right of appeal both to that Trust and subsequently to the local Strategic Health Authority if you are still unhappy with the decision. The final appeals procedure could even escalate to the courts.

It is worth noting that at this early stage there are no statistics indicating an increase in the number of cases being accepted as NHS continuing care responsibility.

*Applicable to England. Different criteria are used for long term care in Wales ,Scotland, and Northern Ireland