The Open Market Option is YOUR right to shop around to ensure you get the best annuity rates. What it means is that you do not have to take the first annuities offer made to your by your pension provider, but that you can shop around on the open market and get the best rates available to you.

Open Market Annuities

65% of retirees accept the first offer made to them by their providers. However, open market annuities mean that by doing this, you could be missing out on potentially thousands of pounds.

Your annuity is likely to make up a good proportion of your retirement income and as your retirement could quite feasibly last ten, twenty or even thirty years, it’s critical that you ensure you maximise your money.

Open Market Annuity Options

With so many different providers out there, so many different open market annuity options and so many different types of annuities, there’s no guarantee that the offer sent to you by your pension provider will be the best. And you certainly have nothing to lose in shopping around, checking the rates of other providers and even finding out if you could qualify for enhanced annuity rates.

Why miss out on potentially thousands of pounds?

Retirement Solutions and the Open Market Option

open market optionAt Retirement Solutions, our Independent Financial Advisors will scour the entire annuities market for you and bring back the best quotes based on your own personal circumstances. We don’t favour any specific annuity providers. We’re completely impartial. By letting us scour the market using your open market option, you could increase your monthly annuity income significantly.