pension reviewDo you want to improve your pension?

  • Do you know what type of pension you have and understand how it works?

  • With the pension rules changing dramatically in 2015 – do you know how these rules will affect your pension?

  • Are you invested in suitable funds that aren’t too risky or possibly underperforming?

  • Would you like to understand clearly what you can expect to receive from your pensions?

We provide a FREE pension analysis service

We can tell you exactly what type of pensions you hold, give you a clear appraisal of the funds you are invested and very importantly explain what charges you are paying.

To get your free, no obligation, pension review, all you need do is enter your details in the form on the right of this page or call us on 0800 043 0725.

One of our qualified professional Pensions Consultants will speak to you and give you clear, honest advice and explain our service.

Improve My Pension Now

A simple no obligation service offered by Retirement Solutions (UK) Ltd and it is completely free.

A pension review can help you understand

  • If you are paying too much in pension charges
  • What income you will receive when you retire
  • If you could benefit from consolidating/merging your pensions into one
  • If the level of investment risk or fund choice you have is right for you


Are your pension plan charges higher than average?

Do you know where your pension funds are invested?

Do you realistically know how much income your pension will provide when you retire?

Do you have more than one pension plan you would like to combine?


1. Quick and easy service!

One of our experts will give you a quick call. They will fully explain how the review process works and they will ask you a few basic questions about your pension.

2. Professional and expert advice!

Once we have established a few basic facts, a financial adviser will determine exactly what you are hoping for from your retirement and tailor make the report to suit your specifications.

3. You will receive far more information compared to your annual statement!

Traditionally, pension statements have very little information. The information given usually contains lots of jargon and is not easy to understand. Your report will be in plain English, it will provide transparent and factual information on how and where your funds are invested.